Sunday movie suggestion – The Guild

This weeks movie suggestion is more of a series suggestion I would say. But those count too when the whole season is as long as a one average movie. This week’s suggestion is, as the title says, a series called The Guild. It’s been a running series for 4 years now and is starting with its fifth very soon. It talks about a group of socially awkward geeks who play World of Warcraft pretty much all day long and live only to play that game. The series wraps around their daily lives, let them be in game or in real life. It also focuses on their interaction with one another and their bonds. We constantly get an insight into their life and how they deal with real situations which mostly prevent them from doing what they like doing best, playing WoW.
The reason I’ve decided to make this post is because they’ve uploaded all four seasons into 4 neat little packages without any interruptions of pauses so that they can be watched like a movie. Give this one a chance and you won’t be let down.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:


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