Super Mario – 3D Chalk Art (Time Lapse)

Here we go again with another time lapse. Those are quite popular and common nowadays it seems and they all feature something pretty nice. Most of the time. Well this time it’s no exception, as we have another masterpiece art to watch as it comes to be. This time around it’s about Super Mario again but it’s nothing that much of video games related. It goes more under the category of street art, which is fairly common as well. This however is drawing a Super Mario character on the the pavement with a chalk. It’s also made so that it looks like it’s in 3D for the greater effect and I must say it looks pretty good. If you’ve seen any pics of those amazing street art painting on the floor that look like they’ve come to life, you should be familiar with this as well.
In the video below is a time-lapse of about 11 hours of work that went into making this.

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