Super Modern Mario Bros. (E3 2012 gameplay)

Now that the great expo of E3 has come to and end, we can recap of what wonderful video gaming entertainment is upon us. We’ve been a witness to all the different conferences that have been presented to us from various big companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Sony and Nintendo. I’m not exactly sure what were most of them trying to achieve with their stunts but everything looked more like MTV music awards than some gaming themed presentations. It’s like almost everything was a joke to them, except Ubisoft managed to make a decent presentation and even that one didn’t lack a live music performance for no particular reason rather than make it flashy. Okay, so what about the games? Eh, games. Honestly it’s been new titles to more of the same and well known franchises. A sequel of a sequel (of a sequel.)
Nintendo has shown a couple of new Super Mario titles but it must’ve missed this one, as being the most top notch game ever created! It only lacks some downloadable content.

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