Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft’s Getting Rusty Stealing from Apple

I’ve made a post about the Microsoft’s latest thing on the market called Surfice. It’s a thin little tabled that does pretty much wat you expect from a tablet to do. I’m not going to ramble about what it should do or what it shouldn’t or rather how things should work. This contribution is a bit different. Here we have a side by side comparison of an Apple’s iPad presentation and the Surface presentation. People always tend to point out who copied what from whom and so forth. Only when it comes to tablets, there’s no doubt who’s the one that gets copied from. You can’t really blame anyone as when someone thinks of something, many want to get on that same bandwagon. Only some try to be discreet about it, others not so much. But I don’t really mind personally, it’s still people who decide what to get for themselves. Or so they think!

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