Swarm of kittens getting a bath

Alright, there’s no getting around this one and there’s no trick to it. The title says it all. Video is about a bunch of kittens getting a bath? And I’m going to put this video on right now.

There. Lets presume you didn’t melt from the cuteness this little bundle of kittens present. Now I know that quite some time ago, I will make sure I don’t post a lot of cats up here, due to the fact there’s already so many of them roaming the vastness of the online space, but I couldn’t really let this one up. I mean, just look at it, it’s not your average cat we’re dealing with here, it’s a bath tub, full of wet, miwing kittens. I’m sure that counts for something. It’s just nice to see people willing to take care of those little bundles when they’re left all on their own.
Miw Miw Miw!

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