T-shirt wars – stop motion video

What do you get if you have two guys who have about 2 days worth of time and about 222 unique t-shirts in their arsenal? Well, usually you get a mess of 200+ t-shirts with no real purpose since you can’t really wear them at the same time, except in some extreme cases, but lets not go there. You can also make an animation with those shirts, or more exactly you make those shirt seems like the prints on them are moving and create a playful little animation doing that. It doesn’t sound all that much on paper, that is true, but one you see the execution, you can’t say it’s not a clever gimmick to be done. Here, have a look yourself and tell me, this is not nicely done! Not to say how much time and effort went into making this. They’ve probably changed as much shirts in 2 days than they do in a year.

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