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World’s Best Bartender – Ukraine’s got talent

World's Best Bartender - Ukraine's got talent

By the looks of it, there’s no lack in the talent department around the world. Just look at all these talent shows. They’re everywhere in all the corners of the world. And not just one type of talent show, be it random, singing, dancing, what ever you want. Apparently people love watching these things and that’s why they keep happening. […]

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Ashleigh and Pudsey – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Final – UK version

Ashleigh and Pudsey - Britain's Got Talent 2012 Final - UK version

You probably remember the post from quite a bit back that showed the audition of Ashleigh and Pudsey on Britain’s got talent, right? It’s not like you can just forget these things anyway, as it really is a refreshing wind in the sea of all the people whose only talent is to sing. Badly. To be honest, there really wasn’t […]

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Ashleigh and Pudsey performance on Britain’s got talent 2012

Ashleigh and Pudsey performance on Britain's got talent 2012

Dog owners love their dogs very much, at least the great majority. They spend a lot of time with their beloved fuzzy friends, care for them, take them for walks etc. They also teach them all sorts of tricks they can perform and then show off to the other dog owners what their dog can be better. I’ve seen that, […]

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Car sounds made by a human – Australia’s got talent

Car sounds made by a human - Australia's got talent

Everyone likes to make all kinds of voices. That’s why our mouths are for anyway. And for eating of course. Okay, kissing too if you want. But the most we do with our mouths is talk, talk and talk. Some more, some less, some never want to stop talking. A level up from talking is using your mouths to sing. […]

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