Team Hot Wheels doing a jump record

As small kids most of us were all very busy playing with all sorts of toys. Depending on the gender you were whether showered with toys such as dolls and Barbie girls if you were a girl, or with cars and tech things if you were a boy. Now that is not really something that seems fair, to classify stuff by gender and such, girls like to play with cars as well, I know cases when there’re brother and sister where sister tends to take most of her brother’s cars and legos while abandoning her boring dolls. You can’t really blame the girl for playing with cars, they’re fun and exciting when you slide them down the big ramps and jumps. Just like those Hot Wheel sets with all kinds of nice looking car and looped tracks to send them around. They were a bit difficult to put together in a small room, but it worked and they were fun.
And they still are fun where the people who once played with them now work for them and make similar things on a little bit bigger scale. There’re still cars going down ramps but this time they’re real and the ramp is bigger and it’s meant for the child within the grown person.


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