Terminator in 60 seconds

Sometimes watching a movie can be almost like a chore to some. Especially if they watch the movie because someone else asked them to watch it with them for the sake of keeping company or something similar. Most of the time only one in that party is actually enjoying the movie while other party sits there and tries to get into the movie, since there’s not much else they can do about it at that point. If they’re lucky they may even like the movie they’re forced to watch and such experience isn’t all that bad. However, if they don’t like the movie at all, that hour and a half can be a very long period of time. Heck, many movies today go beyond the two hour mark and keep on going. Luckily you can have a nice little nap in the meanwhile given you won’t be asked questions about the movie later on.
But then you have these 60 second takes on the already made movies and they can be quite a laugh to watch, especially if you’ve seen the original movie at some point.

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