Tetris – The official trailer

There has been a lot of movies that were made based on computer games. Or games based on a movie that were then based on a game again (don’t ask.) By the looks of it, the (in)famous Uwe Boll is usually responsible for many of the ideas of those movies. Well, not ideas exactly since those were already laid out in the video game, he just takes roll of a producer and makes it happen. Mostly it’s not all that great of a movie and is quickly forgotten, which is a shame on both ends but it’s how it is. And the last one in the series of movies based on games is the one titled Battleship. Well, by the looks of it, it’s only similarity is the name and it has ships in it, and that’s about it.
Now what if we take an actually good game such as Tetris and make a movie based on it? Everything goes it seems, so I see no problem here!


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