Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid

We’re striking on more of a serious note with this post. We’ll be talking about health a little bit. More exactly about smoking and such. To be clear, I have nothing against smoking people. If you smoke, that’s fine by me, I just prefer you don’t do it in front of me or in my face even. If you don’t mind having greasy hair, bad smelling clothes and all sort of fun things that come with smoking, that’s your call. I know I don’t want to have any of those. What is also true is that a lot of smokers don’t really support what they’re doing in the first place, they would like to quit smoking or wish they never would have started. Sure there’re also those passion smokers, but mostly I think people would like to stop, they just don’t have the will to do so. Not enough to break the need at least. There’re people who can help you with that, but the decision is still only yours.
They know that in Thailand so they made a nice campaign to help people with that and also made a pretty powerful commercial add that gets you thinking. Check it out below.

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