The beauty of pollination – timelapse video

The season of spring has already sat in quite cozily and it is about time for all the pretty looking and smelling flowers to pop out the ground and blossom. We don’t really see it happen until one day everything looks yellow from the dandelions in the meadows and all the other flowers blossoming. Same goes for trees blossoming and inviting the freshly awoken bees, birds and just about all the pollen driven members of the nature to join in on the feast that has been long awaited after their hibernating rest. And they’re quite essential in order for the trees to bare fruit in the summer. What we don’t normally see with out naked it is the way it’s done. I mean we know how it’s done and such, but we don’t really see it too well as it happens so fast. Same goes with blossoming and such only that here it takes too long for us to see it happen in front of our eyes.
This video is one of those that shines a light on those things and it makes it look even more beautiful.


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