The Dark knight birthday

Birthday parties for kids are something that’s expected from their parents to organize. Some tend to put a lot of meaning in them, making them spectacular for pretty much everyone. Even those who celebrate their child’s first year anniversary, make quite a feast. And don’t tell me it’s because or even for the child. One year old kid has no clue about what all the commotion is about and the only party it wants to be part of is the one that spins around sleeping and eating mommy’s milk.
It’s more of a tradition than anything, where a whole class of kids gets invited to a party. Or at least those few kids they’re friends with. There is of course an obligatory guest entertainer that is a surprise. Usually people pick clowns or magicians for their tricks and laughs, but there are often other possibilities and options. Such as the one in the following video where the guest of choice is Batman.


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