The definition of a close call

We’re exposed to risks on our daily basis. Pretty much whatever we do, there’s some risk involved. For instance, you wake up in the morning and walk down the stairs. You’ve walked down those stairs countless of times and they present minimal risk. Even if you fall, you don’t usually hurt yourself too bad and catch on to something before anything happens. Sure, not all those occurrences end that well, but you know what I mean. Even the trivial tasks around the house can get you hurt if not careful. For most of them it’s usually our own fault if they happen. Like if we cut our finger while slicing and apple, or hitting our hand with a hammer while hitting some nails in. Leaving the house makes us exposed to even more outside threats that aren’t in our control and those can get pretty ugly unless we’re lucky enough to make it out unharmed. They don’t happen to us personally often, yet they seem to be happening all the time. Lady in the following video was extremely lucky! Or maybe she used The Force?


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