The Gentlemen’s Rant: Graduation

Graduation. The most important day in a life of a student. It’s a day where one chapter in life ends and another one begins. It’s a magical day where they’re the ones who get praised for achieving the goals they’ve set themselves. They’re all doctors, lawyers, businessmen and so on. They’re all also unemployed and in debt and have a pretty grim outlook on the future when it comes to getting a job. But that doesn’t matter, they’ve graduated now and they’re full of enthusiasm, will to succeed and live life to the fullest… Man, there’re so many empty words that are spoken at those speeches. They all say you’re the best, you’re the one that’s been missing all this time and that you will be the one who makes the difference. Just like the ones before you and the ones that’ll come after you. You will all be doctors, presidents and astronauts. In your dreams perhaps.


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