The Hoff’s German Cousin: Mr. Lean

Oh David, David. Our good friend David Hasselhoff has done it again it seems. Although not at bad as the time when he was filmed being drunk in a tub in Las Vegas, having quite a bit of a problem eating that darn hamburger. Nothing like that this time, but he’s back into some commercial recording business. It shows that times of Baywatch and Knight Rider are far gone and now all it remains is his name that was created when those shows were at their peak and Hoff was the man of the hour. I don’t know what happened but it looks like things took a wrong turn for the worse somewhere in time and everything went downwards.
Looks like nothing can really be done or there’s no particular will in doing anything. Oh well. And as promised, here’s one of his latest stunts he’s doing as Mr. Lean, the healthy food advisor in some food product commercial.

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