The impossible texting & driving test

Now here’s a good one for you. How many times have you caught yourself texting in the middle of driving? Does it happen often? If it does then you should probably take the texting while driving test! We know it’s illegal to text while driving. Not just illegal, but also very dangerous as we pay more attention to texting than we do to driving. Driving itself isn’t difficult but when combined with texting it can be. You’re not aware of your surroundings as well as you would be otherwise, your reaction time gets a lot longer and you’re a danger to yourself and others. Now what if it was obligatory to pass a driving test while texting. To navigate an obstacle course while you were being told the words you should type into the mobile phone. It doesn’t seem much at first up until you are presented with the fact and you would quickly notice that things aren’t so easy anymore. Next time you think about texting while driving, just ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

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