The Lion King – Lion Roar, Voice-Over Session by Frank Welker

Have you ever wondered how they got the lion roars on the movie The Lion King? Me neither… Actually, I did, but I just figured they recorded some lions at a zoo or something and I was dead wrong. They record the lion roars for the Lion King movie in a studio. They have a voice-over guy, Frank Welker, who roars and makes noises into a trash can that he’s holding in the studio while sound engineers and producers standby and listen until they hear the proper roar for the scene. It’s actually a pretty funny looking way to do it, but he definitely gets into his performance and makes the magic happen. His arms are waving around as if he’s acting out the scene, pretending to be a lion. I’m sure he doesn’t care because, hey, he’s making money and no one will see him anyway, right? The guys in the studio are staring at Frank Welker while he performs his gestures and roars and then say, “Yeah, sounds good!” while shaking their heads in approval.

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