The ping pong baby

When you were a little kid, about 5 years old, something like that, did their parents want to include you into any kind of activity courses? You know, like some sports, or some instrument playing lessons. Stuff like that to help you evolve that talent you have or just discover it altogether. Well, I myself was lucky enough that no one forced me into anything, or maybe that’s unlucky if you look at it this way. Sure, now I’d like to know how to play a guitar, or an accordion, but now I have no motivation to start learning. That’s mostly because all the good musicians have started very, very early in their life. You hear about this and that person who’s been playing some instrument for 16 years now and they’re like 22 years old. 16 years is a pretty long period of time, a period of time I can’t possibly make up for anymore.
In the following video, I’m not sure whether this kid’s secret talent is playing table tennis, but if they keep it up at this pace, in 15 years this kid will be a champion no doubt!


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