The Real Meaning of MPH – 80 Miles Per Hour Blonde Chick

Travis and Chelsea Chambers are driving in their car on a trip from Logan, UT to Boise, ID. Travis poses the question, “If you are traveling 80 miles per hour, how long does it take you to travel 80 miles?” Chelsea tries working out the answer by thinking about how fast she runs and goes into it really deep, trying to figure it out by over thinking the issue. It is a very funny video and it is very viral. As of this moment in time, this video has 5,319,403 views and it was posted on December 16, 2011. Not bad for just a silly video. The husband acted innocent, but it was a pretty mean trick to play on his wife. Check out the 80 miles per hour video with the blonde chick named Chelsea Chambers. I hope they truly find a way to capitalize on this one, LOL!

Here’s the news interview by ABC 13 called, “Woman Can’t Figure Out MPH: Couple on Viral Video.” They ask Travis and Chelsea what this has done to their marriage and they are positive about it, though Chelsea admits that at first she was upset that he would post the video to YouTube. Now their marriage is stronger because of it, LOL! Nice!

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