The Scientific Hangover Cure

Hangovers are something everyone know about when they decide they’ll get some drinking on when they go out with friends on a Friday/Saturday night. Except for those who either don’t drink or have to drive others who do around. Now it’s all fun and such when the drinks are going. The mood is right and everyone’s having a great time (expect the one who’s in charge of driving, usually.) Trying out new drinks, mixing things up and whatnot. Night is over and then it’s time to sleep. Glorious sleep. Then the morning comes, or rather early afternoon if the night was long. Waking up has never been such a pain, head hurts, you feel sick and weak.
Now that could’ve been a bit less severe if you plunged into the night of drinking with a little bit more science and actually know what you’re drinking and how to approach the morning sickness. There’re quite a few useful tips in the following video regarding just that!

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