The sleeper car by Improv Everywhere

This post here will most likely be closer to home for those who regularly use the subway, tram, maybe even train and such public transport system. Surely you’ve all had a long day at work, or you just left some late night party. In any case, chances are you’re tired on those late night journeys home. The nice people in the following video have decided that it would be nice to make those commuters as comfortable as possible on their trip, so they decided they’ll bring in a couple of beds to let them sleep on the way. A short ten minute powernap can do wonders they say so why not make use of that spare time during the trip. They’ve thought about all those who won’t be able to lay on those beds due to them being occupied so they provided them with some nightly eye covers in order for them to be in the dark while sitting.
If it really were like that everywhere, I’d use the public transporatation more often!


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