The Slow mo guys – flint and steel

The movies we’re used to watch today spin mostly around 24 – 30 frames per second. It doesn’t sounds much but if you think about it, that’s still 30 different images being projected or refreshed in a single second. And that runs for about an hour and a half. That sums up to a lot of images in the end. Those frames present the speed in which we perceive actual surroundings in real life as well. For instance, it only takes a moment for a water balloon to burst and make a wet mess. It also takes only a moment for a piece of glass to fall on the floor and shatter. With slow motion cameras on the other hand, you can capture a single second in up to 400 times more frames than you normally would, so that one second of film is actually 400 seconds of footage in very slow motion. And such things can yield great results!


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