THePETEBOX Future Loops beatbox Album Track 4 Loop Pedal – Panther Dance

We haven’t had a musically themed post in quite a while so why not have one. This time around we’re not looking at an ordinary contribution though. It’s more of an one man band type of thing, if you could call it like that. We do have a man and final product does sound like a band. So what happens in the middle? Well, a human beat box happens. Not sure what exactly that is? In a nutshell it’s a person who is able to generate all kinds of sounds and noises only using his mouth. That’s how he’s able to recreate low bass sounds, trumpet sounds and other rhythm related sounds. Those sounds are then recorded similarly as they would be recorded on an electric keys so that they loop while the performer can also sign in the meanwhile if he so much desires.
The actual result of all that complicated explanation I’ve just given can be checked in the following video!


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