ThePianoGuys: Me and My Cello – So Happy Together

Aaahhh, classical music. The nice sound of violins and cellos. All singing in harmony, lulling you into a nice state of mind with ther melodies. This following video shows the nice friendship between a man and his cello. And how happy they are together of course. I really love how this thing was made, showing him and his cello as they really are the best of friends, while certainly one really is in the hands of another a lot of times. But still you don’t usually do such friendly things together as shown here. Heck, where else have you seen a musician take his instrument skydiving. SKYDIVING I tell you! Here, see for yourself!

I know, I know, it’s only a video made in a playful way and it’s just an act. Nonetheless it’s still made really well and I haven’t even mentioned the music yet. The music, a different take on So happy together by Turtles. If you’ve seen any other work from The piano guys, you should already know that they’re able to make any song sound beautiful. A real masterpiece!

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