They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin – Bouncing van

When driving in a car, you don’t really expect much of anything to happen. I mean, you ought to expect that many things could go wrong and have to be aware of things around you, but if you’re driving somewhere you drive ever day, you don’t actually pay too much attention. Drive gets sort of automated and that’s not a good thing in general, since you don’t pay attention and you do everything as a routine. That is also why everything that’s out of the ordinary catches your eye. Well, at least if you’re at least somewhat present at the driving and not day dreaming. I’ve once seen a guy driving on the same road I drive on each day a couple of times. Then they decided to repair a bit of it and there was a hole at the far right side, a bit wide too. It was well-marked too and everything. Guess who I saw the next day driving into it. So remember, pay attention to your driving and you might see something like in this following video!

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