This week’s Sunday movie suggestion: Tron Legacy

It has been almost 30 years since the original Tron movie and many have it in good memory, even though the story itself wasn’t all that special, it was quite unique for the time and it appealed to the people who were a little bit, or a little bit more on the geeky side.
Movie talks about a young man whose father was a founder and creator of the very popular arcade machines company. One day, when the protagonist was still young, his father mysteriously disappeared and no one ever knew what happened to him or why would he suddenly leave his successful firm behind. A couple of years passed when that boy, who’s now a young adult got a message though the father’s number that has been disconnected for a long time. He was also given a key to enter the old arcade and see what’s going on. And so he gets transported into the computer network, or the Grid, where his father has been trapped all this time be the man who he created. It’s their task to break free of the system and together return to the real world.



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