Thoughtful Guy RAP – Rhett & Link

Thinking is pretty important, don’t you agree? Many people are doing it at this very moment. Heck, even I’m doing it right now and I’m just relaying my string of thoughts into this very sentence. Now some people seem to have a different idea when it comes to thinking. Or rather, they don’t really know they have it wrong because from their perspective it seems completely reasonable. Depending on how many people agree with someone’s thinking, they can say whether that way is thinking is appropriate or is it just crazy and stupid. There we have a problem, since with a group of same, crazy-thinking people, there comes the idea as if their thinking is the most appropriate and will not change any opinion no matter what happens as long as they get support from one another. Now that’s a bit scary and people who conduct sensible thinking are pointed out as the crazy ones and things can get ugly.
But anyway, all that thinking aside, below we have a rap song about two thoughtful guys who think all the time!

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