Three different movies explained in 2 minutes – Kill Bill 1/2 and Forrest Gump

Remember the cult classics such as Kill Bill 1 and 2, or maybe Forrest Gump? You’re not sure you quite remember the whole plot or how it went? Or perhaps you haven’t seen any of those movies yet, but don’t feel like taking all that time to enjoy them and would just like to know what’s going on in them without reading a whole lot of text. Whatever the case may be, here are some nice takes on those movies just for those who want to save a lot of time watching them, even though they’re really nice movies and should be watched the right way!

-spoiler alert below-

First we have some Kill Bill 1&2 appended to one minute so you basically see two movies being played in one minute instead of one:

Wasn’t that a fun ride? And just as promised, Forrest Gump played out in one minute:

I say again, if you care anything about yourself, I would suggest you watching the actual movies prior to watching this because it makes it even more entertaining!

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