Tightest parallel parking record – Guinness World Records

Parking is one of those virtues that most of us come in contact with for the first time when we’re getting our driver’s license. They teach us how to part in reverse, front and parallel. Granted it does take quite a bit of practice to get the latter one down to the point you’re doing it comfortably. I am however pretty sure that many people have trouble with that kind of thing when it comes to tight spaces. If you don’t need to do such parking each day you tend to forget it and with the lack of practice, so goes the skill and confidence. If you’re lucky to have a smaller car that fits into every crevice, then you don’t really have much of an issue as long as there’s a bit more room than the car is long, to cut you a bit more slack. Now what if there’re barely any more room than the length of the car? Well, then a world record happens!


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