Tired of your job? Want a promotion? You have to deal with The Boss!

There you are, in the middle of a hard working day. Same routine as every day; work, work, work and more work. Your senses are sharp. Just like a gazelle is always alert for a cheetah attack, you too are alert for the moment your boss walks in.  You know it’s going to happen eventually, and you also know that’s going to happen the moment you let your guard down for a minute. Boss walks in as expected. You’re ready and work even harder so that you’re not noticed. It works, boss leaves and you can ease up for a few minutes. All is well.
On the other hand, there are people who refuse to be under such pressure, they stand up to the boss. It usually goes two ways, whether you get what you demand or in most cases, you don’t have to deal with that boss the next day anymore. And the next, etc.
The short film below tells a story with a different outcome, but the message remains strong no matter how the presentation is. Take a look, you won’t be let down and enjoy your bossless weekend!


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