Tired of your old bicycle?

Not long ago, a first day of spring snuck into our daily lives and we all know what that represents. Happy birds chirping about, lovely green forests and meadows, blue skies, warm and sunny days. All that good stuff. I’m sure many of you enjoy riding your bikes wherever you go, be it work, errands or just leisure. Unlike cars, where the flashier it is, the more we think were cool and important looking and all that modern day first world nonsense. If it can apply to a car, why not be cool by having a flashy bicycle that stands out from the crowd?

Video is meant to be more of a commercial that’s promoting recycling (hehe, re-cycling.. sorry) rather than telling you that you should have a flashy bike. Although I would very much like to have one of those specimens. They seem to look pretty cool with some old star sneakers and some dark jeans pants.
Oh the other note, I think it’s not wise to have such a bike in a place like Holland for example, where more bikes get stolen each year than there are bikes there altogether.

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