TomTom’s Map Paradise Project

You know sometimes when things sound just too good to be true? That’s usually also the case most of the time. A similar feat is being done by the beloved GPS navigation company TomTom. They’ve put out an offer that is tempting to pretty much everyone. What they’re looking for are 5 families who would go on some exotic islands to map the whole thing. Oh, did I mention they’d be there for two weeks and have the ability to enjoy themselves in the meanwhile, like some sort of vacation and in the end received 10.000 EUR worth of cash? Sound pretty good, doesn’t it? I’ve briefly checked around the site about any more details but I didn’t really found any before I lost interest in searching. I am sure there’s a trick to it and that such a thing doesn’t come with a few strings attached. I’m no idealist and there’s no such thing as people paying you big bucks to enjoy yourself on a vacation.

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