Tow truck accident in Norway – trucks roll off a cliff

The following footage is from the recent truck related accident that happened in northern Norway. The involved parties in this are a tow truck and a truck that was being towed.  It shows both of those trucks falling off a cliff on an icy road where the tow truck driver managed to get away safely, while the truck driver was still inside his truck as it began to tumble down the cliff into the forest. From what I’ve read the said driver was taken to hospital, but hasn’t suffered anything too serious, which is pretty lucky considered he was rolling in a truck down a cliff. As for the cause of the accident, I have not heard anything specific other than road being slippery, since it’s Norway after all and for all we know it was just ice on the road that caused it. And once the whole thing starts to move, it’s not particularly much you can do about it.

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