Tribe and the white man meet for the first time

This is a bit of a different post I would say. The video below shows a 35 year old footage of a remote and secluded tribe seeing the white man, in this case Jean Pierre for the first time in their life. The tribe located in the Papua New Guinea believed that a white man is a ghost and does not really exist. That is well evident from the video where they’re not sure whether to approach at first, attack or just leave. Although they decide to find out the truth for themselves and proceed with caution to see what is it all about. The established contact happened over the course of three days and therefore we have three video showing us each day of the meet. The intentions are nice on the behalf of everyone present and even though they were afraid at first, the tribe’s people soon trusted Pierre and took him in their home.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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