Truth in 24 – Audi’s Le Mans documentary

Le Mans races truly are something spectacular in a way. Just imagine, 24 hours of constant driving, round and round. One day of such activity really is a long time to do at once and I can’t really imagine how it must be for the whole team to make that day work the way it should. I mean, even finishing the race itself without many things going wrong is a victory on its own, but they compete against each other regardless. They all want to win after the 24 hours and the way to get them to victory is a good team of people who make it all happen. That’s all the people who take care of the car which is put under the stress, the people who make sure the car is running during the race and of course drivers who do the actual driving.
The following documentary gives us an insight of how all these things come together and take one of the strongest teams up to the top.

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