Turkey dubstep

After this, I promise I will stop with these annoying <xy> dubstep posts, because I’m sure you’re all fed up with them by now. There’s just this irresistible feeling around them, a certain appeal if you wish. The appeal of sharing. Now ain’t that lovely? Anyway! Turkeys. When you think about turkeys, you don’t really think about any kind of dubstep. Or music, or pretty much anything else except more turkeys, roasted turkeys and turkeys for Thanksgiving. The only sound you associate with turkeys is their awful gobble gobble gobble noise. Wait a second, that does sound like dubstep a bit now when I think about it! We’re on to something here, ladies and gentlemen. And it seems like we aren’t the first ones who came up with that idea either. The importance of this discovery was found and put into a short animated video form for everyone to see and hear the wonder that is Turkey dubstep!


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