Turning milk into stone

Sounds rather odd, doesn’t it? Why would you want to turn milk into stone where there’s plenty of stone and plastic and all such modern commodities around. Thing of the matter is, it wasn’t always like that, since plastic is a pretty modern invention and people made due without it by putting to use a few different techniques that help them make pots and plate and such.

I didn’t really know it’s possible to make such a sturdy thing show in the above video, just by adding some vinegar to the cup of warm milk, stirring a bit and draining it. I mean, I don’t exactly thing of plastic and stuff hardening this much when someone mentions a glass of delicious moo milk. The next time I’ll want to top a tasty salad with a glass of warm milk, I will remember this and probably reach for a glass of water instead. I know it’s nothing, but it doesn’t hurt staying on the safe side.
Next it’s going to be water into vine?


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