Two drunk men performing a funny druken fight

Too much alcohol is never a good thing, that’s for sure. I know many would disagree with me on this one, but they all know the next day when it was a little bit too much. Especially if the first thing they have is a heavy head in the morning and no recall of the previous evening, or day. On the other hand, people tend to perform all kinds of stunts that they thing they’re mastering while in reality and to the outside observer, they’re anything but. Let’s just take this following video of two drunken men having a fight in the middle of the day for example.

I’m sure they don’t really know what they’re fighting over or what cause the fight, since no one says anything except from the noise of the cheering people around them. It’s like an reenactment of something in a theater, but not all that well executed. You got to hand it to them though, they sure have a unique style and have probably seen the wrong kung fu movies.


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