Two guys having a normal day off while doing unusual things

Each morning we wake up (some sooner than others) and do our day to day usually routine of whatever that may consist of.  The two guys in the video also stick to their usual routine. But something seems off while watching doesn’t it? They perform certain gimmicks that seem quite appealing to the eye. Sure they’re nothing spectacular but they do manage to bring up some questions whether it’s real or just an edit later on. Well, it is actually an edit and no they did not try all those tricks they do about 200 times each just to make it work. If that’d be even enough tries as it is.
Regardless of how things were done, it applies a really nice feel to the whole video, since without those gimmicky “stunts” it’d be just a plain boring footage of two guys doing nothing but usual stuff everyone else is good at doing. Enjoy!

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