Use Condoms

Let’s take a look into the health department a little bit. More precisely into the part of sexual safety. Chances are you were introduced to those enigmas when you were in grammar school still. Whole class was taken to a local medical facility where they met one of the nurses who was there to give you lectures. She would vaguely explain how reproduction works and usually cover the more juicy details you biology teacher left out. Then she will show you how you protect yourself from the dangers that lurk in the shadows of sexual intercourse. She will pull out a funny looking round rubber and call it a condom. And while the laughs from the class get more and more loud as she unwraps that thing over an appropriately shaped object, the lesson is over and you’re fully educated on how to use a condom. Or so they say. Many kids have probably known how it works before that as well, so nothing new for those.
Oh, and you can apparently make music with them.


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