Vermont Teacher, Melissa Jenkins, Murder: Husband, Wife Arrested

Allen and Patricia Prue were arrested after an aggressive investigation was performed and confirmed they killed Vermont teacher, Melissa Jenkins. Ty, Melissa’s two year old son was in the car while she was being murdered and apparently witnessed the murder. His mom, Melissa, was strangled by Allen and Ty demonstrated the event by pulling on his neck after being questioned. It’s crazy that a two year old was able to go through with that after witnessing such a horrible event. Maybe Ty doesn’t understand what’s fully going on yet.

Allen Prue has admitted that he and his wife both were involved in the killing of Melissa Jenkins. They “faked” car issues to Melissa on the phone and had her come meet them. Melissa knew the Prue’s because they had previously plowed her driveway in the past. Allen explained that he wanted to “get a girl,” whatever that means…so they got her. They ended up strangling her to death and then doused her with bleach and threw her off a boat launch into the Connecticut River. It’s quite sad and disconcerting to hear stories like this. I can’t imagine why someone would want to perform a crime like that. Watch the first video from ABC:

In another video, Alyssa Newcomb and Linsey Davis report that investigators say that the event was meant to be a sexual encounter, but that once Melissa was in the car Patricia Prue continued the strangling and ended up killing her. Patricia is denying any involvement in the murder, but her husband is telling a different story and even though he talked, the Prues are pleading “Not Guilty” to the event. What a sad story.


October 22, 2014 news report: Allen Prue was found guilty of multiple charges. See the video:

February 12, 2015 news report: Patricia Prue pleaded guilty to multiple charges. If she’s sentenced according to her plea agreement, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars. See the video:

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