Very long paper airplane flight

When I was a younger kid and didn’t have a computer to spend all my (not so much) precious time on it, I remember making a lot of paper planes. At first I really didn’t know how to make one or how they work, so my brother taught me how to make a simple one that kind of works. It look a little practice and low level origami skills, but I got the hang of it soon and kept making them. I never really was satisfied too much about how they flew so it took another person to show me a different way of making one. It was a little bit more complex but with a couple of tries that too got into production series quickly. It flew better, looked better and I still remember how to make one even though I haven’t done any in a few years now. The following video however shows one being thrown out of an 18th floor and at first it doesn’t look like it’ll fly for long, until it decided to go on an adventure.


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