Video Game High School (VGHS)

Now here’s an interesting new web series called Video Game High School. It spins around the idea of having a high school that is all about video gaming. It is a really nice idea which was probably a dream come true to some people who have been playing with the idea for a while. I must admit, I love the idea myself as well and this show is about as close as you can get to experiencing it. Main story is about a young guy whose wish was to be part of the said high school and learn all the tricks it has to offer. But getting into it is no easy task as school usually picks you, based on how good of a player you are. After a course of events and luck, his wish gets granted and so his journey actually begins.
All this is very well animated and the post production team did a really good job with all the effects and styling. If they keep this up, the show itself will get far!
Below is the part one, while part two is also available on the official site.


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