Video Games from the Bad Guys’ Perspective

Staying in the video game waters a bit longer. We’ve been over the DLC debacles of today in the previous post while in this one we’ll address something that hasn’t been discussed very often. When we play a certain game, we’re presented a character that has quite a lot of energy, ammo, and just about everything you need to progress the game. It has to be like that if you wish to mow down hundreds of enemies without stopping. Now think for a moment and imagine how that must feel for those who are opposing you. They see you as a tank who can’t be brought down by anything. You’ve plowed through so many of their comrades and you’re still going. Then they suddenly manage to get the best of you and they drop you down. They feel excited and at the same time shocked at what you’ve done so far, but over now, bad guys stopped your carnage. Or have they…

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  1. That guy was really bad at this game.

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