The way a successful commercial should look like

A television commercial should attract consumer’s attention right? While a lot of them do thing in a very pushy and annoying way with loads of dumb conversation, voice acting and even bells and whistles. They’re like some attention hungry dog that’s biting on your trousers and pulling your shoelaces while you’re eating your dinner outside. Pooch in this commercial does n0t mind if you’re eating your dinner, even less for the food. This poor fella just wants to get skinny. And judging by the sheer size, I think it had enough dinners for quite a while. It also found a good motivation to get slim and handsome, although not fitting though a doggie door is a good motivation to start with.
I’m getting side-tracked again, the point is, this is a well made and appealing ad. It goes well with their theme of building people’s cars. This is a people friendly commercial, plus it provides a fun twist in the end referring to the other ads and serving Star wars fan base some more.

The ad itself:

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