Vortex cannon science project

Remembering the early school days also makes me remember the fun little projects we had. I’m talking about really early school days where we gathered stuff around school’s forest and such as little kids and make all kind of things with them. Mostly leaves and such, learning about trees, plants and whatnot. We were actually doing something. Then later on in high school, such activities mostly subsided. The meaning of a science project was the same as gathering a group of students together who had to read though several parts of the book and then write something on the subject. Some fun that was. It didn’t really get any better from there so the supposedly fun projects were more like a thing where 4 people did little to nothing while the 5th one did all the work and all got the credit for it.
The following project however is a little bit different than that, it’s fun, it’s simple and it’s effective. I mean, come on, they made a vortex cannon! Out of a cardboard box!

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