Wanda’s macaroni salad by Simply Sarah – not your traditional mac ‘n cheese

You have your friends over and it’s dinner time! You can’t leave your friends starving, can you. Now what to make for dinner that’ll feed you and all your friends? Everyone likes macaroni right? That should do the trick. Getting some step by step help on how to make one bowl of that yummy goodness is nothing any person should be ashamed of. All you have to do now is follow those step-by-step instruction said in the video, it can’t be that difficult.

Okay, getting a big bowl, seems easy enough. Check! One can of sweetened condensed milk..? Uhhh, we can skip that I guess. What’s next, a cup of sugar? Yeah, I don’t really want to eat my pasta with sugar, so lets skip that as well. A cup of vinegar, nope. A whole pint of mayonnaise…
Hold on, is this a macaroni salad or is this a die-in-a-week heart attack salad? Forget this, better order some pizzas as this is deadly just by looking at it!


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