Wearing a hoodie gets congressman Bobby Rush kicked off House floor

Congressman Bobby Rush is speaking about racial profiling and discrimantion in the congress. In order to make his point even clearer he starts to take off his suit jacket under which he wears a hoodie. He keeps on explaining why such profiling makes no sense and is discriminating everyone, as he says that under a hoodie can be just about anyone and that doesn’t make them a bad person for wearing one and be judged by it. A judge’s hammer is heard as the one leading the debate decides his behaviour is disrespectful and orders Bobby to stand down while his speech should be ignored. Bobby doesn’t care much for the man’s order and keeps on talking until he’s being removed by the security. All that for no appearant reason except him wearing a different piece of clothing. If anything, that move has made a strong point in his speech which proves how badly these things are treated.

I think the witnessed actions in this case speak louder than his words.

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