Webcam [Official Short Film]

I’m not sure whether the video in this post is for those who are paranoid or for those who aren’t. It works for both ways, depending on whether it’ll make you more paranoid as you are or it’ll make you more aware of what can happen. It’s a short movie that is filmed though the camera of a laptop the entire time. It’s meant to promote awareness towards those, so called webcam hackers. Supposedly this has been going on for a long time now and I’m not really all that surprised that it’s popular. It’s a relatively easy way to invade into someone’s life though the eye of that camera. It’s up to them however to prevent these things from happening as they don’t really happen just by themselves. It never hurts to be more careful is what I’m trying to say.
And this short film has been made just to promote that notion, that you should remain careful when using these things, but I still think that being paranoid is unnecessary.

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